since 1958
Proficiency in Plastics

Made-to-Measure Foils

Foils for products such as: Pressure cuffs, air cushions, gel cushions, room dividers, insulation hoods, etc.

Clear as glass, transparent, colourful, soft, elastic and flexible, or hard, fibre-reinforced, highly tear resistant foils with glass fleece reinforcement. Foils with specific properties, perfectly suited to their intended use. Accessory components include valves, hoses, fasteners and eyelets. We employ a number of processes to turn foils into products, such as: Made-to-measure cutting, thermoforming, punching, high-frequency and thermocompression bonding.


Plastic film technology


Vinyl films PVC 0,1 to 2,0 mm
Polyurethane PU 0,1 to 2,0 mm
Special and blend materials 0,1 to 4,0 mm
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