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Proficiency in Plastics

Partners from the Start

Take advantage of our experience in foam and foil technologies

Our specialists have the expertise to meet all our customers’ requirements. Our experienced project manager team develops ideal solutions, together with our clients. They have our complete internal service chain at their disposal, from development through to prototyping and production.





We specialise in foam and Styrofoam packaging. We can also advise you on construction components and reusable or disposable load carriers. Our expertise includes heavy-duty and tailor-made insulation crates. Our foil technology department is happy to advise you on products such as air cushions, pressure cuffs or thermal hoods. These products have many different uses.

We give form to your ideas

From sketch book to finished product. Using state-of-the-art tools, our product developers are able to take on your ideas, to create samples and prototypes and bring them to the production stage. Whether you’re in the medical sector or the air industry, our experienced team of experts apply the right materials with the right properties.





Our foam product specialists develop solutions for Styrofoam packaging, other foam-based packaging, reusable packaging, load carriers and insulation crates. You can count on the experience of our foils department to develop foil products such as pressure cuffs, air cushions and thermal hoods.

Flexible, high-quality products

Our flexible production chain can handle individual units or high-volume serial production. The production volume determines the tools we use, and the level of automation in the manufacturing process. Standard applications include coloured foams, high densities or direct foaming of components. Quality is continuously controlled.

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Our modern foils department produces a broad variety of specialist goods, such as air cushions, pressure cuffs and thermal hoods. Our machines churn out Styrofoam and foam packaging when the foams department is at maximum capacity. These are then used as single-use or reusable packaging / load carriers or insulation boxes. We also produce construction components.

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