since 1958
Proficiency in Plastics


Tailor-made and individually produced in the foils and foams departments

Our products are developed and produced in accordance with customers’ specifications. See our examples in the four product categories for ideas to implement your product.

Fillable products

Befuellbare-ProduktePressure sleeves for tempering
Gel cushion
Therapy cushion
Air cushion
Tank membrane…


Standard Applications

StandardanwendungenHoods and covers
Protective sheaths
Thermal hoods
Bellows …



VerpackungenSingle-use Packaging
Reusable Packaging
Insulation Crates
Load Carriers, …


Construction Components

BauelementeJamb elements
Cantilever slabs
Built-in housings
Ventilation units, …

Air cushions, gel cushions or pressure cuffs from the foils department, using pre-cutting and thermoforming techniques

Whether they are filled with water, gel or air, what counts is product safety. Our high quality standards and consistent testing procedures make us a supplier of high-quality products such as aircraft seating, air cushions, airbeds and waterbeds, pressure cuffs and other medical devices, therapeutic cushions, cushioning systems for sporting goods, and special applications.


Thermal hoods, room dividers, pre-cut, thermoformed protective covers

High-value, made-to-measure foil products. There are no limits to the colours and optional features. We can produce protective covers, tank membranes, bath mats, inflatable screens for outdoor cinemas, partition curtains, thermal hoods, mattress protectors and protection systems for many applications.

Styrofoam packaging, foam packaging EPP and EPE, load carriers / reusable packaging and insulation crates in rigid or flexible foam

We produce custom-made disposable and reusable packaging on our automated systems. We also specialise in custom solutions such as antistatic packaging for electronic components, as well as dyed packaging. We process soft foams for particularly delicate products and reusable packaging, which offer the greatest protection for the contents and, thanks to their high memory effect, are hardly susceptible to damage, even with rough handling.

Jamb elements, cantilever slabs, built-in housings, ventilation units in rigid or flexible foams

Thermal bridges, which increase energy consumption, can be significantly reduced by our special components. For this purpose, we use combined and refined foams with densities of up to 300 kg/m3. Along with the components, we also supply cantilever slab connectors, hardpoints, block-out elements, lightweight boards, built-in housings and much more. Functional and reinforcing metal or plastic components are foamed during the production process.

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